Soluciones para el estiércol

Types of manure

Our manure systems are specifically designed to best handle each type of manure.

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Cleaning solution

DeLaval cleaning solutions are the first step in profitable manure handling. You get plenty of power and cleaning, but not at the cost of your cows.

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Collection solution

Well-proven, efficient transport systems for gutters and cross channels with minimum operation time, maximum volume handling and a long life.

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Treatment solution

Treatment gives efficient volume management, rationalises sand laden handling and controls the impact of phosphorus. It makes spreading as fertilizer easier, lowers transport costs and reduces storage odour.

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Transfer solution

DeLaval hard-working pumps are expertly engineered for rugged dependability and minimum maintenance.

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Storage, agitation and loading

Storage, agitation and loading solutions

You need the right kind of equipment at the storage pit to help profitably treat manure for a fertilizer application and to handle large volumes quickly.

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Application solution

Faster and easier spreading comes from having a strong, steerable manure tank. Equally at home on the field or the road, these tanks are both top spreaders and efficient manure transports.

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Manure handling

DeLaval manure systems contribute directly to the profitable running of your farm: from planning to hard-working products to service by qualified DeLaval technicians.

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