Feed station solution

Feed each cow to her individual needs to get the very best from your herd.

1. DeLaval feed station FSC40 and FSC400

Program an individual feeding plan for each cow, based on her lactation phase and milk yield; and with your DeLaval feed station each cow will access small portions regularly throughout the day, from her own concentrate ration.

DeLaval FSC40 and FSC400:

  • Open design for cow comfort.
  • Make sure a precise amount of concentrate and minerals is dispensed to each individual cow.
  • Robust and durable - FSC400 has stainless steel troughs and feed distribution funnels.

The feed stations connect to DeLaval herd management system, or to DeLaval FP204X.Achieving maximum milk production according to the potential of each cow in your herd, with less total feed and labour cost, is a key factor for profitability.

2. DeLaval auger FA

A flexible overhead way to transport feedstuffs to the feed stations from your silos, protecting feed quality.

3. DeLaval liquid dispenser LD1000 and LD500

For dispensing propylene glycol. DeLaval LD1000 is a highly accurate premium product that works efficiently even at negative temperatures. DeLaval LD500 is a standard solution that is simple to install, use and maintain.

4. DeLaval feeding processor FP204X

Control feed costs and improve feed efficiency with time and labour saving automated feeding. Program rations to follow the lactation cycle of each cow or group of cows. Simple to program and operate together with DeLaval feed stations.

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