Calf feeder

Profitable milk production is dependent upon healthy, high yielding cows. And as today’s calves are tomorrow’s high performance cows, the way you rear them can make all the difference. Calves that are healthy and fast-growing will reward you by becoming high yielding cows that are productive for many years.

Investing in a computerized calf feeder pays off and large savings become obvious when your calves become cows. After all, healthy calves mean healthy cows and lower veterinary costs in the long term. Healthy calves also have a better chance of becoming fertile heifers that produce large quantities of quality milk.

1. DeLaval calf feeder CF150X

DeLaval calf feeder CF150X combines a milk station with a totally integrated concentrate station. The calf feeder program on DeLaval feeding processor FP204X allows complete feeding plans to be set per group of calves, or for individual calves. Weaning can be done automatically according to concentrate intake. Information from milk and concentrate consumption makes it easy to detect possible health problems before the calves are affected. Delaval calf feeder CF150X allows you to feed your calves cow’s milk or milk-replacer or a combination of both. Each CF150X can handle up to 25 calves. You can feed more calves by connecting as many as four stations to one FP204X processor, which can then manage up to 100 calves.

2. DeLaval calf feeder CF500 and  CF1000

DeLaval CF500 and DeLaval CF1000 are both available with stand-alone control or a DeLaval herd management connected control system. There are many advantages with herd management connectivity, but the sophisticated on-board processor in the stand-alone control system gives good calf feeding control.

Freshly prepared

When a calf enters a milk station, both CF500 and CF1000 prepare precise instant portions of fresh milk at the right temperature, provided the calf is allowed to drink. The milk station identifies each calf by its electronic transponder, knows the calf’s feeding plan – and when it is allowed to drink, and how much. CF500 can handle two teat units, allowing up to 50 calves to use the feeder. CF1000 can handle four teat units and up to 80 calves. It is available in milk, powder and combi version. The combi version can mix fresh milk, powder and water in any combination.

4. DeLaval concentrate station

By adding DeLaval concentrate stations to your CF1000 calf feeding system, you can enjoy simple and efficient calf rearing with the automatic weaning function, helping save expensive milk replacer costs. By measuring how much concentrate each calf eats, you have the option of automatically reducing the milk ration for calves that display a high feed intake at a young age.

5. DeLaval Calf Manager

DeLaval Calf Manager is a computer program that is ideal if you have large groups of calves. It can be linked to one or more calf feeders and gives you a clear overview and easy control of all your calves from the comfort of your PC. For example, you can manage feeding programmes, move calves from one calf feeder to another and see whether any animals have drunk insufficient milk or drunk their milk slowly. You can also generate reports and graphs that show milk rations and consumption over specific periods.

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